First Pillar: Facility and Lighting Design

One of the four pillars of our intellectual property is facility and lighting design. I think it’s pretty safe to say that we all know that sunlight is the best light for growing any kind of plant. When we started taking our concept from idea to reality, we decided to go back to square one and start at the foundation of what could be done to give plants everything they need to thrive. Light is a big part of that equation.

We worked with the best of the best to achieve what we think is an exceptional leap forward when it comes to lighting. Our team includes one of the entertainment world’s leading lighting designers, as well as former NASA scientists – who were responsible for sending plants into space. We’re actually going where no one has gone before when it comes to lighting design and agtech. Thinking out of the box is not just a good idea; it’s a requirement when you are out to make substantial change in the world.

Our proprietary facility and lighting design starts with a unique grow house building envelope that substantially allows the full light spectrum and significant UV in to provide the plants with as close to natural light as is possible. None of the indoor or greenhouse systems out there today can achieve what we can. It’s revolutionary – and long overdue. Add to this that the supplemental lighting technology that we designed achieves optimal luminous efficacy, spectrum, distribution characteristics, automated Daily Light Integral (DLI) management, and fixture architecture, and it’s clear to see that we are far ahead of anything being done in this area.

In addition, our sealed, positive pressure micro-environment provides optimal temperature humidity, velocity, filtration and sanitation of airflow using the principles of biomimicry.

Of course, AgriFORCE’s four pillars (facility and lighting design, automation and artificial intelligence, fertigation and nutrients, and micropropagation and genetics) all have to work together – creating a seamless experience for the plants that is as close to nature as possible.

Next week, I will talk about our automation and artificial intelligence.

Ingo Mueller, CEO for AgriFORCE Growing Systems, is currently working from his home office in West Vancouver, British Columbia. He continues to connect with the AgriFORCE team, strategic partners and others around the world – whether that is in California, New York or several other states where AgriFORCE has business interests. He is also in constant contact with our partners in Europe, as we raise the flag there for AgriFORCE and the company’s unique (and proprietary) facility design and automated growing system.   

The Notes from the CEO happen when Ingo gets a bit of time to share his perspective on the world of AgTech, the AgriFORCE team, work/life balance and his vision for creating positive change in the world.