Second Pillar: Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Last week, we spoke about facility and lighting design as one of  our IP’s four pillars. Today, we’re going to focus on the second pillar – automation and artificial intelligence.

The AgriFORCE Grow House – which is 56,000 sq. ft. – produces crops within closely managed microclimates through our Automated Grow System (horizontal/vertical) in an area smaller than a soccer field, while achieving yield increases greater in comparison to most traditional farm equivalents. Our key advantage is that our facility is designed as an integrated solution that harnesses the power of the sun in a natural and controlled environment to bring farm-fresh, pure, pesticide-free products to the world.

Automation and artificial intelligence are important parts of this. Our proprietary automated grow technology and integrated IoT and AI means that human intervention with the plants is kept to a minimum – far less than most traditional, indoor or greenhouse operations.

The AgriFORCE Grow House also employs self-learning of input factors to create the highest yielding, lowest impact cultivation. What does this all mean? We continuously monitor and adjust our process to ensure that each plant is given what it needs to thrive.

Next week, we’ll talk about AgriFORCE’s approach to fertigation and nutrients.

Ingo Mueller, CEO for AgriFORCE Growing Systems, is currently working from his home office in West Vancouver, British Columbia. He continues to connect with the AgriFORCE team, strategic partners and others around the world – whether that is in California, New York or several other states where AgriFORCE has business interests. He is also in constant contact with our partners in Europe, as we raise the flag there for AgriFORCE and the company’s unique (and proprietary) facility design and automated growing system.   

The Notes from the CEO happen when Ingo gets a bit of time to share his perspective on the world of AgTech, the AgriFORCE team, work/life balance and his vision for creating positive change in the world.