About Brands

AgriFORCE Brands develops and commercializes superior plant-based ingredients and products for businesses and consumers that deliver healthier and more nutritious solutions.

We aim to market both branded products and innovative ingredient offerings, be that innovative IP from M & A or extending IP from AgriFORCE Solutions into additional product verticals. The result is healthier, more nutritious foods and next generation proteins for today’s families, as well as plant-based nutraceuticals and vaccines biomass.

Our focus today is on the commercialization of an IP that could redefine the specialty flour and grain-based products categories – un(Think) Foods.

Wheat accounts for 20% of worldwide caloric consumption, with flour and bakery products representing a $200 Billion dollar market in the U.S. alone. However, many wheat-based products are lacking in nutrition or are not aligned with consumer preferences for low carb and high protein alternatives. Existing healthy options are lacking in taste and texture, and consumers are forced to compromise.

AgriFORCE patent-pending technologies naturally process and convert grain, pulses and root vegetables. For wheat, this revolutionary process results in an alternative flour offering over 30 times the fiber, 3 times the protein, and more than 80% less starch than conventional flour, without compromising taste, texture and quality.

This is the opportunity for un(Think)- to change the way people think about their favorite foods and create a new standard for wheat nutrition.

AgriFORCE is currently on track to pilot test its first branded product in the specialty flour category with businesses and consumers in late 2022.