About Us

The AgriFORCE team is dedicated to transforming agriculture in multiple sectors – from growing to the production processes that result in delicious, nutritious and sustainable food. We believe that vegetables, fruits and other plant-based food products, as well as crops for medicine and supplements, should be Clean. Green. Better. – from seed to sale.

We are a group of scientists, growers, architects, lighting designers, business strategists, finance professionals and more who bring extensive experience in helping plants thrive in indoor farming environments. (We are also dreamers who believe that everyone should have access to nutritious, delicious, fresh food. The good thing is that we know how to make things happen.)

We develop and acquire intellectual property (IP) and businesses with the clear objective of improving plant cultivation and processing in order to meet growing consumer demand and global need. We have a corporate commitment and, we believe, a responsibility to grow, produce and process all products in more environmentally respectful and sustainable ways.

We apply our expertise in innovative ways that have never been done before in agriculture. That matters when your goal is to help improve a legacy system that is facing monumental challenges. To succeed in making big, positive change, you need to see things differently. You need to do things differently. You need to be different.

Before we tell you how we are going to do it, it’s important to share our “why” – to explain why we’ve dedicated years of our professional lives to research and development in this area, why we’re all on the team, why we work long hours and on weekends and holidays, why we are passionate about the work that we do, and why we are committed to making Clean. Green. Better. a reality. Everywhere.

We think that our “why” might be important to you too.

Our Why

The human race faces an existential challenge when it comes to agriculture: broken food supply chains, pollution, pesticides, soil and water contamination, erosion, climate change, extreme weather, unsustainable environmental practices, a lack of nutrition and taste that stems from a global over-reliance on factory farming. The list goes on and on. And on. 

It’s time to make things better. Farmers are pleading for it. Governments are regulating it. Consumers are demanding it. The world is desperate for it.

AgriFORCE Growing Systems is set to positively disrupt the broken legacy agricultural system. From vegetables and fruits to plant-based food (which we all know can be so much more than only meat alternatives) to medicine and supplements, we are reimagining not just what could be, but what must be. There is no time to waste.

Our How

Our magic starts with the development and acquisition of IP – and what happens when we put it to work.  

Our IP will drive next-generation development in multiple sectors in the industry. Our IP – including facilities, automated systems, standard operating procedures and, in specific cases, genetics – is developed to produce the highest quality and pesticide-free high-value crops, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals on a global level.

AgriFORCE provides what others in the industry can’t: a comprehensive and proprietary system that addresses each crop’s unique needs. AgriFORCE’s development and acquisition of IP is focused on a holistic approach that allows for innovation and the creation of systems and processes that run throughout the entire value chain from seed to sale. Those in the industry who call themselves “solution providers” – but only offer off-the-shelf technology that they package up and brand – just can’t compete with AgriFORCE. We’re in a league of our own. 

Learn more about our market differentiators here.

Our Foundational IP

We have pioneered dynamic new technologies in our IP that leverage unique facility/lighting design, automation and artificial intelligence, fertigation and nutrients, and micropropagation. Perhaps most compelling is our highly advanced facility design that merges an optimized indoor microclimate with natural sunlight, supported by almost ideal supplemental grow lighting to maximize yields. This is the AgriFORCE Growhouse. Our proprietary precision ecosystem, which was created using multiple AgriFORCE patents, was developed to make farm-fresh, pure, pesticide-free vegetables, fruits and plant-based products available to consumers on a global level. Clean. Green. Better. The time is now.

The AgriFORCE team has also identified a fundamental need in the area of plant-based medicines and is swiftly working to modify our existing IP for vaccine crops. Our IP can be refined to work for specific crops, which allows us to continue developing new solutions, including in the area of plants that can be used in vaccine development. This will allow us to expand our already substantial patent portfolio, which is a key IP asset for AgriFORCE.

A League of Our Own

Our commitment to ongoing IP development and acquisition allows the AgriFORCE team to consistently be steps ahead of where our competitors sit. We innovate, invent, create and deliver advanced solutions that address some of the most serious challenges facing the food supply chain today. 

The work we have done in developing our foundational IP continues to open doors and present opportunities for AgriFORCE around the world. As we develop and acquire additional/complementary IP, our presence on the global stage will only increase. 

It’s time for consumers to have access to fresh, nutritious and delicious vegetables, fruit and plant-based foods along with high-quality, plant-based medicine and supplements. AgriFORCE is here to make that happen. It’s our reason for being.