About Us


At AgriFORCE, our purpose is clear: to positively transform farm, food, and family every day, everywhere.

With years of in-depth research and development experience, we are pioneers, ready to deliver integrated, practical, and sustainable solutions that can be applied throughout multiple verticals in AgTech.

AgriFORCE Solutions provides consulting services for AgTech knowledge, operational solutions, and research and development (R&D), which is augmented with controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) and additional agriculture facilities and platforms.

We have taken a strategic and holistic view of agriculture to provide solutions that address the key challenges facing this important industry. We develop and acquire innovative intellectual property (IP) and technology to improve farming. Our expertise goes from seed to table and ranges through the life cycle of a plant—from micropropagation and tissue culture to cultivation—with a proprietary approach that brings together all of the elements, including crops, operations, facilities, systems, and environment designed to allow the plant to reach its full genetic potential.

And we don’t stop there.

AgriFORCE Solutions and AgriFORCE Brands

Through AgriFORCE Brands, we will develop and commercialize superior quality, industry-disruptive, plant-based foods and specialty ingredients, as well commercialize specific high-value crops grown through AgriFORCE Solutions.

We are dedicated to making positive changes in the world through more sustainable and better-quality food, nutraceuticals, plant-based products, and ingredients. We apply our expertise in innovative ways that have never been done before in agriculture. That matters when your goal is to help improve a legacy system facing monumental challenges.

Our two divisions—AgriFORCE Solutions and AgriFORCE Brands—work in partnership to address some of the existential challenges being faced by the world today—climate change, extreme weather, food security and sovereignty, the environmental impact of industrial and commercial farming—working towards providing better tasting, more nutritious plant-based foods and other products to consumers on a global level.

From consulting to our innovative foundational intellectual property—our proprietary facility and growing systems—to the technology and know-how that we have in our group of companies, we have integrated the key aspects of AgTech to create an outcome that is Clean. Green. Better.