About Us

AgriFORCE is dedicated to transforming modern agricultural development through our proprietary patent pending facility design and automated growing system. Our methods are designed to produce high-quality, pesticide-free, locally cultivated crops – cost-effectively and with the ability to quickly scale, in virtually any climate. Designed to meet both European Union Good Manufacturing Practices standards and the United States Department of Agriculture organic equivalent, we intend to utilize our platform as an industry accepted standard for, among other things, controlled environment plant-based vaccine and pharmaceutical biomass, hydroponics and food production.

Understanding Our Approach – The AgriFORCE Precision Growth Method

Traditional farming includes three fundamental approaches: outdoor, greenhouse and indoor. AgriFORCE introduces a unique fourth method, the AgriFORCE precision growth method, which is informed by cutting-edge science and leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).

With a carefully optimized approach to facility design, IoT, AI utilization, nutrient delivery, and micro-propagation, we have devised an intricate, scientific and high success-oriented approach that was designed to produce much greater efficacy yields using fewer resources. This method is intended to outperform traditional growing methods using a specific combination of new and traditional techniques required to attain this efficiency. We call it precision growth. The AgriFORCE precision growth method focuses on addressing some of the most important legacy challenges in agriculture: environmental impact, operational efficiency and yield volumes.

The AgriFORCE precision growth method presents a tremendous opportunity to positively disrupt all corners of the industry. The market size of just the nutraceutical and plant-based pharmaceutical and vaccine/therapeutics market is over $500 billion. Including the traditional hydroponics high value crops and controlled-environment food markets, the addressable market approaches nearly $1 trillion. (1)(2)(3).

While our patent pending intellectual property initially targeted the hydroponics sector of high value crops to showcase its efficacy in a growing market, we are currently expanding operations to refine our technology and methodology for vegetables and fruit. Hydroponics was identified as an ideal sector to demonstrate proof of concept. However, management has decided that the Company focus on evolving our intellectual property and applying our precision growth method to other agricultural areas so that we can be a part of the solution in fixing the severe issues with the global food supply chain.

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