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AgriFORCE Growing Systems

AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. IP is designed as a far more environmentally friendly and clean form of growing high-value crops to EU GMP/pharma-grade standards, utilizable in virtually any extreme weather environment.

AgriFORCE’s first execution of its proprietary facility design and automated growing system is in hydroponics. The initial focus of AgriFORCE in this sector is based upon crop value, quality control standards, medical and pharma requirements for plants, and the difficult nature of cultivation – a perfect vertical to demonstrate effectiveness and profitability of their solution.

AgriFORCE intends to expand the addressable market opportunity and provide growing solutions to high-value agriculture, pharma and nutraceutical crops on a customized basis after delivering on its initial hydroponics contracts.

Why This Matters

A decade ago, terms like AgTech sounded like they belonged in a science fiction series like Star Trek: The Next Generation. Today, AgTech sits at the foundation of a sea of change in this important sector, and AgriFORCE is positioned to be at the forefront of this disruption. They are taking what has already been achieved and pushing it years into the future – ready to be implemented today.

Technology has disrupted our lives in so many ways – from smartphones to social media to artificial intelligence – the world is a different place today because of these innovations. The AgTech revolution is more compelling than any of the technology evolutions that have come before it. For the most part, those were created for convenience and entertainment. The purpose for AgTech’s disruption is much more pressing; the survival of the human race depends on it.

This disruption is about food security, a necessity of life. With population growth expected to hit nearly 10 billion by 2050, the current crop yields aren’t sufficient. Environmental impact is also a serious concern. Today’s cultivation processes continue to use up precious natural resources – like water – and put more and more stress on the electrical grid.

In a world that is being rocked by climate change – including increased instances of extreme weather – these effects multiply exponentially year over year. Arable land is disappearing globally through the effects of climate change; soil erosion and soil health deterioration is making large areas of arable land no longer useable. This is dramatically decreasing the ability of farmers to produce food, while the population continues to increase substantially. Add to this the serious concerns in the sector about health and safety, where practices seem to be relying more and more on pesticides during the cultivation process and/or irradiation upon harvest. These are serious issues that must be addressed immediately. Many would say urgently.

AgriFORCE is going to lift the sector up out of the industrial age and into the digital one – to a world where Clean. Green. Local. is the standard, not the aspiration.

AgriFORCE’s proprietary facility design and automated growing system is designed to be the future of viable farming, addressing a more informed consumer marketplace, where being grown as close to nature as possible matters; where being pesticide-free and organic matters; and where being environmentally sustainable matters. Add profitability to this because you are delivering what matters to consumers – and everyone benefits.

The Opportunity

People around the world want to know where their food comes from and how it’s grown. Health and safety and environment sustainability are key drivers of consumer purchases. Everyone wants pesticide-free products and no wants irradiation used on a plant, fruit or vegetable.

There are more educated and vocal consumers, who, in many aspects, have become advocates – demanding a better approach to farming (a result of social media creating the powerful voice of the consumer). Along with meeting consumer demands, cultivators and growers are also looking to increase profitability, so their business can survive financially. They are looking for increased yield per square foot (we all know land identified for agricultural use is shrinking) and for environmental and cost reasons, they want to use less energy and water. This, along with automation, helps to substantially lower operating costs.

The Opportunity

The agriculture industry is facing increased pressure as a result of commoditization, margin compression and high growing costs. Traditional approaches to land management, use of resources, and labour and transportation costs are no longer effective. The industry has placed itself in an outdated model, focusing on large-scale “factory” farms with massive output. This approach is being done without consideration given to what it costs the environment, the local community and the overall sector. Governments are starting to hear the voice of the people and are looking to impose more stringent constraints on the use of water and power on industry including on mass farming. Genetic manipulation by the mega producers will no longer be accepted by the consumer. The status quo must change.

Media coverage from all over the world tells us that it’s hard to make a living as a farmer right now – unless you are a multinational, multibillion-dollar corporation. Consumers are concerned about the source, safety and environmental impact of how their food is grown – and for good reason. No one is winning. In fact, the local farmer is being driven out of business. It is clear that the current methods of commercial farming aren’t working. It’s not sustainable for the earth, farmers or communities. Scientists continue to sound the alarm – this model is dangerous to the human race.

The Opportunity

AgriFORCE offers an exciting new path for the agriculture sector, one that is designed to:

  • Allow for amplified plant growth and higher crop yield;
  • Substantially decrease the impact of cultivation on the environment;
  • Provide a growing system that virtually blocks out all toxins, which means no pesticides and no need for irradiation;
  • Mimic nature in a controlled environment; and
  • Lower operating costs.

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