At AgriFORCE, we are driving an integrated approach to AgTech through best-in-class knowledge, innovation, and operational expertise.

A recent planned addition to the AgriFORCE group of companies, Delphy, is a leading European AgTech consulting firm in agriculture, horticulture, and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Together, Delphy and AgriFORCE are set to transform agriculture and AgTech solutions for a variety of plants and crops in North America, Europe, and Asia.

We know that an integrated approach to AgTech cannot be achieved by merely piecing together off-the-shelf components. The entire effort, from the seed to the plant to the harvested crop, needs to be optimized together. In addition, controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facilities require strong operational expertise and ongoing management to realize their full potential. This is why AgriFORCE and Delphy aspire to be at the forefront of AgTech knowledge, IP innovation as well as operational expertise to deliver sustainable, efficient and healthier crops to today’s growers.

Delphy’s Innovation Centers provide customers with the ability to learn about and experience new horticulture and agriculture methods and solutions focused on the four AgriFORCE pillars of AgTech:

  • Facility & Lighting Design
  • Automation & Artificial Intelligence
  • Fertigation & Nutrients
  • Micropropagation & Genetics
Delphy Improvement Center, The Netherlands