The Business Model

Who We Are

AgriFORCE has leveraged its proprietary growing systems and facilities to develop an environmentally friendly and clean form of growing high-value crops to EU GMP standards, utilizable in almost any extreme weather environment. AgriFORCE’s intellectual property focuses on four pillars that together create their leading agricultural technology for pharmaceutical and agricultural crops.

The four pillars are:

  • Proprietary facility and lighting solutions developed specifically to help the plant thrive.
  • Proprietary automated grow technology and integrated artificial intelligence; and
  • Self-learning of input factors to create highest yielding, lowest impact cultivation.
  • White label and proprietary organic blends/products tailored to use and conditions, focused on improved yields and reduced impact cultivation.
  • Optimized clean pure cellular cloning to ensure reduced impact cultivation.

The AgriFORCE Way

AgriFORCE has determined through business strategy that the best market to launch this innovative agtech approach is hydroponics.

This is based on:

  • The high value of hydroponic crops;
  • The increasingly stringent quality control standards being put in place by government throughout the U.S., Canada and around the world; and
  • The inherent (and often underestimated) difficulty in cultivating hydroponics at scale and at a low cost.

Hydroponics provide an exceptional opportunity to offer proof of concept, which will then open up multiple vertical sectors in agriculture to this innovative and crucial shift for responsible and sustainable farming in the 21st century.

Through their proprietary facility design and automated growing system, AgriFORCE addresses all of the key elements plaguing the hydroponic space today. This includes allowing for:

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