Our Science

AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. develops and acquires intellectual property (IP) with the overarching objective of improving the agricultural value chain – from cultivation to consumer. 

We have developed an innovative model that is designed to lead the way for a new green standard for growing crops and managing the production process for plant-based products.

Traditional farming includes three fundamental approaches: outdoor, greenhouse and indoor. AgriFORCE introduces a unique fourth method – the AgriFORCE precision growth method informed by cutting-edge science and with the capability to leverage the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of things (IoT). 

With a carefully optimized approach to facility design, IoT, AI utilization, nutrient delivery and cellular cloning, we have devised an intricate, scientific and high-success-oriented approach that was developed to produce larger crop yields using fewer resources – resulting in substantially less impact on the environment. This highly efficient method is set to outperform traditional growing methods, using a specific combination of new and traditional techniques required to attain this efficiency. We call it our precision growth method. 

Our proprietary facility design and automated growing system, which is our foundational IP, can be modified to be deployed in multiple agricultural sectors. The AgriFORCE precision growth method was developed to address some of the largest legacy challenges in agriculture: environmental impact, operational efficiency and yield volumes. It provides the ability for crops to be grown in virtually any climate – addressing extreme weather challenges being faced around the world.

Our approach presents what we see as a tremendous opportunity to positively disrupt all corners of the industry.

The AgriFORCE Impact

Current indoor and greenhouse practices are inefficient and rely on substantial utilities, infrastructure and operational costs1. AgriFORCE’s precision growth method presents an alternative that provides an efficient, controlled, pesticide-free environment and process that is designed to yield a higher crop volume.

Our intellectual property (IP) initially started out with a hydroponics focus to showcase its efficacy in a growing market. Now, we are expanding operations to refine our technology and methodology for vegetables and fruit, as well as in the growing sector of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical therapeutics, including plant-based vaccines. This is expected to add to our solid roster of patents, which are key IP assets for AgriFORCE.

Our foundational IP, supported by our ongoing commitment to develop and acquire IP, allow us to be a part of a larger solution in fixing the severe issues with the global food supply chain and in addressing challenges being faced in the cultivation of a range of high-value crops. 

The AgriFORCE approach provides us with the ability to improve the supply chain from seed to sale – which means from plant propagation to the production process of plant-based foods and other products (such as medicine and supplements). All with a commitment to providing consumers with what they want and the world with what it needs.

Our foundational IP combines a uniquely engineered facility design and automated growing system to provide a clear solution to the biggest problems plaguing most agricultural verticals. It delivers a clean, self-contained environment that maximizes natural sunlight and offers near ideal supplemental lighting. It also limits human intervention and – crucially – it was designed to provide superior quality control. It was also created to drastically reduce environmental impact, substantially decrease utility demands, and lower production costs, while still delivering daily harvests and a higher crop yield. AgriFORCE provides what others in the industry can’t: a comprehensive and proprietary system that addresses the unique needs of each crop and that runs through the agricultural value chain to the end product. 

Our clean, automated environment maintains what we believe is the lowest carbon footprint on the market compared to typical indoor growing facilities, while simultaneously producing toxin-free, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic equivalent crops.

With our ongoing development and acquisition of IP, this is just the start of the AgriFORCE revolution of how crops are grown and how plant-based products are made.

1. https://ourworldindata.org/environmental-impacts-of-food