Our Team

Meet the Team

Ingo Wilhelm Mueller

Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Mueller has been involved in the finance and advisory business for the past 25 years having been involved in the financing of companies and projects. Mr. Mueller is the founder and currently the CEO of the Company since inception and has been responsible for the development of the Company’s intellectual property, business model and financing. He is full time with the Company. He is also currently the CEO of St. George Capital Corp. (since 1998), doing business as Capital Fusion Group, a private financial advisory firm. Mr. Mueller was Chairman and CEO of International Coal Company Ltd. from 2008-2010 before it was sold to London Mining plc, after which Mr. Mueller was named Chairman and CEO of London Mining Colombia Ltd. (2010 to 2012). Mr. Mueller was also the CEO and Chairman of WIGU City Edutainment Centers Plc (2014 to 2017). Mr. Mueller has a Bachelor Commerce (major in Finance and minor in Urban Land Economics) from the University of British Columbia. The Board has determined that Mr. Mueller is suited to serve on the Board due to his long standing involvement in the financial community.

Richard Wong

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Wong, who works full time for the Company, has over 25 years of experience in both start-up and public companies in the consumer goods, agricultural goods, manufacturing, and forest industries. Prior to joining the Company in 2018, he was a partner in First Choice Capital Advisors from 2008-2016 and a partner in Lighthouse Advisors Ltd. from 2016-2018. Mr. Wong has also served as the CFO of Emerald Harvest Co., Dan-D Foods, Ltd., and was the Director of Finance and CFO of SUGOI Performance Apparel and had served positions at Canfor, Canadian Pacific & other Fortune 1000 companies. Mr. Wong is a Chartered Professional Accountant, and a member since 1999. Mr. Wong has a Diploma in Technology and Financial Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Troy McClellan

Vice President, Design and Construction

Mr. McClellan, who works full time for the Company, has focused on innovative design and construction technologies throughout his career. Most recently, he was V.P. of Design and Development at WIGU City from 2015-2018, at which time he joined the Company. Mr. McClellan was the VP Design and Development of MGM Macau. Previously, he was a Project Manager at Wynn Design & Development and a Design Manager at Universal Studios (Japan). Mr. McClellan is a registered professional architect and received his Master’s Degree in Architecture from Montana State University.

Dr. Laila Benkrima

Chief Scientist

Dr. Benkrima, who consults part-time for the Company, holds a PhD from the University of Paris in horticulture with a specialization in tissue culture and the hybridization and selection of plant varietals. Her employment history includes Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals, the University of British Columbia, and Celex Laboratory.