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The AgriFORCE Team

The AgriFORCE team is made up of skilled professionals with decades of achievement and recognition in their areas of expertise.

This includes executive and operational management, finance and investment strategy, agriculture and horticulture, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, greenhouse management, consumer and packaged goods, design and construction, law and brand building.

Management Team

AgriFORCE’s management team is executing a strategic business approach planned to redefine the agricultural industry. This means that we have and continue to innovate in areas from the production of seedlings to cultivation to the establishment of cultivation and consumer-focused business relationships to branding and marketing.

We make evidence-based decisions with the goal of redefining industry standards, which have been in place and unquestioned in the agricultural sector for decades.

Our proprietary facility and growing system are designed to address the serious issues plaguing the agricultural industry – starting with hydroponics. Our business expertise provides the ability to implement our business strategy and redefine the agricultural industry with a focus on making it better for everyone involved from the grower to the retailer to, most importantly, the consumer.

We are starting with hydroponics but won’t stop there. The agriculture industry needs a revolution out of the industrial age and into the digital. AgriFORCE plans to be a leader in doing this.


AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd.

Where technology meets sustainability: Clean. Green. Local.
This is more than a tagline. It is the future of agriculture.

Ingo Mueller

Ingo has been involved in the finance and advisory business for the past 20 years. In that time, he helped raise more than $200M for the companies he worked with. His previous executive experience includes being the CEO of Wigu City Edutainment Centres PLC, London Mining PLC (Colombia), and International Coal Company Ltd.

T.T. McClellan
VP Design & Construction

T.T. has focused on innovative design and construction technologies throughout his career. Most recently, T.T. was the VP Design and Development of MGM. Previously, he was a Project Manager at Wynn Resorts and a Design Manager at Universal Studios (Japan). T.T. is a registered professional architect and received his Masters Degree in Architecture from Montana State University.

Richard Wong
Chief Financial Officer

Richard has over 25 years of experience in both start-up and public companies in the consumer goods, fertilizer, manufacturing, and forest industries. Richard has also served as the CFO of Emerald Harvest Co., Dan-D Foods, Ltd., and was the Director of Finance and CFO of SUGOI Performance Apparel and a partner at First Choice Capital Advisors.

John Dol
VP Operations

26+ years of extensive experience managing the execution of large scale AG projects under glass (advanced Dutch greenhouse) from design to commerciality. Past VP of Cultivation for Curaleaf ($4.5B market cap) where he grew their platform from 3 to 12 indoor cultivation facilities in the US.

Dr. Laila Benkrima
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Benkrima holds a PhD from the University of Paris in horticulture with a specialization in tissue culture and the hybridization and selection of plant varietals. Her employment history includes Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals, the University of British Columbia, and Celex Laboratory.

Susan Cooper-Smith
Director of Micro-

30+ years experience working in all aspects of the Micropropagation space including the development and commercialization of lab design, SOP protocols and operations for advanced micropropagation techniques and improved tissue culture systems.

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