We’re Different

At AgriFORCE, we know that it’s important for us to show the world who we are and why we’re set to make positive change in the agriculture industry. We also know that lots of companies out there are making some pretty big claims that they can’t back up. That’s not us. 

First off, we applaud those who are truly innovative and who want to increase the ability for people around the world to have good tasting, healthy food. In fact, we search out companies like this as a part of our proactive merger and acquisition strategy. 

We also know that with all of the noise coming at you these days, it’s important to understand what is truly innovative and what is only being packaged and marketed that way. 

We know that our approach and intellectual property (IP) are different from any other company out there. 

A Fresh Approach

At AgriFORCE, for every vertical that we engage in, we take a deep dive and reimagine every aspect of the agriculture value chain – from micropropagation to cultivation to the processing of plant-based foods. Then, once we understand what is needed to allow the plant to thrive, we develop a comprehensive approach – from micropropagation to cultivation; from the facility to the systems to operations and through to the production of plant-based foods or other plant-based products.

AgriFORCE’s ongoing commitment to developing and acquiring innovative intellectual property and technology means that we are always looking for ways to improve the steps in the value chain. We never rest on past success. 

Our approach (and our IP) is built on complete integration – from seed to sale. From the facility to the genetics of the plants to the cultivation to any production process – they all work together to create the best outcome possible.

Our IP encompasses technology from IoT to AI and it is based upon commercial and scientific standards – always developed to optimize crop production beyond current agriculture industry standards. 

We all know that the agriculture industry needs systemic change. At AgriFORCE, we are committed to pioneering dynamic new technologies in our IP that are categorically different from anything else available on the commercial market – with a focus on sustainability and lessening the impact of commercial farming on the environment. This makes us different. Very different. 

Our Foundational IP

We believe that AgriFORCE’s foundational IP is one of the world’s most technologically advanced indoor agriculture systems and that it will deliver improved results beyond conventional indoor approaches. 

At AgriFORCE, we offer large, integrated solutions to the agriculture industry, going far beyond the sector norm of offering “packaged systems” that are really just off-the-shelf materials purchased from multiple vendors and put together by the reseller. Or created by reinventing an element that already exists and packaging that up. We look at the entire value chain from seed to sale – and create a fully integrated system that allows the plant to thrive. We provide a comprehensive solution that is meaningful.

Our goal is to deliver Clean. Green. Better. plant-based foods that are nutritious and good tasting, as well as other plant-based products such as medicines and supplements, on a global scale. This mean refining our foundational IP, which was originally created for hydroponic crops, and developing and acquiring innovative technology to address the substantial gaps in the way that farming is done today.

Our goal is always to provide consumers with fresh, nutritious and delicious plant-based foods and other products as well as consistent, quality, medical-grade, plant-based nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. 


Sustainability is a key value at AgriFORCE. We all know that it’s time for the agriculture industry to make big improvements in this area – in fact, it’s urgent. Consumers know this and they are demanding it – and governments are regulating it. We are committed to being a part of the sustainability solution.

Within our foundational IP, the AgriFORCE facility design creates a fully sealed environment, blocking virtually all toxins and pathogens, removing the need for any pesticides or irradiation. This is crucial for any and all crops – and it addresses a key challenge currently faced by those cultivating crops for use in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical therapeutics.

Our precision growth method is predicated on fundamental optimization, using up to 90 percent less energy, up to 70 percent less water, and up to 40 percent less fertilizer than most traditional indoor facilities or greenhouses.

Beyond the massive savings in water, energy and fertilizer, our proprietary system also requires up to 50 percent less labor.

We are committed to alternative clean energy sourcing and to being a part of the Green Building Initiative/Green Globe certification. 

Sustainability isn’t just marketing speak to us – it’s a key business value. 

From Seed to Sale – A Comprehensive Approach 

We offer something unique in the industry: a comprehensive and proprietary system that is developed to provide solutions throughout the value chain. 

Our foundational intellectual property (IP) initially started out with a hydroponics focus to showcase its efficacy. Now, we are expanding operations and refining our IP to be used for vegetables and plant-based food products, as well as in the growing sector of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical therapeutics, including plant-based vaccines. All of this is expected to add to our solid roster of current, pending and provisional patents, which are key IP assets for AgriFORCE.

Integration Is Key

As referenced earlier in this section of our website, AgriFORCE brings an entirely new approach to crops, operations, facilities, systems and the growing environment. The key to AgriFORCE IP and to success, is understanding how each of the elements – crops, operations, facility, systems, and environment (COFSE) – work together to produce exceptional results. 

Integration via COFSE is our overarching business philosophy and it guides all decisions, which drives an iterative process that results in efficiencies and advancements.


Focused on food security, we start with the seed – developing optimized genetics through advanced tissue culture and micropropagation. Among the many benefits are increased yields and lower production costs – but that’s not all. At AgriFORCE, our goal is always to provide the consumer with better tasting, more nutritious and consistently high-quality vegetables, fruits and plant-based products that are grown and produced in a sustainable manner.


AgriFORCE has a cohesive approach to operations from advanced propagation to cultivation to harvest standard operating procedures to the production process for plant-based foods. We focus on enhanced automation, ensuring that the plants are touched as little as possible by humans. This results in substantive capital investment, leading to reduced ecological impacts, and resource and operational savings. 


Our facility and its specialized roofing were created to allow for the full light spectrum. 

AgriFORCE has designed a specialized facility that includes a high-tech, high-efficiency building envelope and proprietary construction engineering and materials. It creates the ability for natural sunlight indoors with the support of supplemental grow lighting. Our facility and its specialized roofing were developed to allow for the full light spectrum to reach the plants.

One of the many challenges for indoor growers is in providing plants with enough of the right kind of light for effective photosynthesis to grow optimally, regardless of the geographical location and climate. Our IP was created to provide a solution to this ongoing issue through our hybrid proprietary lighting technology that is designed to integrate biotech elements with advanced supplemental lighting, allowing for the best elements of natural light into the facility. In addition to saving on lighting energy costs, natural light also warms the microclimate, when necessary, reducing heating energy requirements.

Unlike glass and polycarbonate – typically used for greenhouse buildings – which do not allow for a full light spectrum to enter the facility, our proprietary facility is designed to deliver a clean, self-contained environment that maximizes natural sunlight and offers near ideal supplemental lighting. This includes the function of our solar foam. This is best described as translucent, virtual clouds that – in response to real-time data – are dynamically implemented across the roof relevant to weather/climate conditions. The virtual clouds allow for solar gain control and the diffusion of light without affecting the light spectrum. This proprietary solar foam also provides the ability to manage the temperature of the facility in a more natural, cost-effective and sustainable way.


The AgriFORCE systems include Internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence integrated facility and system controls. This includes critical sensing and monitoring interface equipment, advanced AgTech automated grow systems, proprietary high-efficiency grow channels, and hybrid hydroponic-aeroponic nutrient systems. The AgriFORCE lighting system is designed to respond to the external weather and climate conditions, using real-time data to adjust the internal environment with a focus on the optimum microclimate for the plants.


AgriFORCE develops and maintains high-efficiency climate control equipment, micro-climate delivery materials and systems, and automated chronological/meteorological/biological integrated controls. Crops are grown in a sealed environment that is herbicide and pesticide-free. 

We’re Different and We’re Proud of That

Here are the takeaways:

  • Our facilities are designed to harness the natural power of the sun in a precisely controlled environment that will allow the plant the thrive. 
  • We continue to develop and acquire innovative IP and to work with our current, pending and provisional patents as we continue to move forward in expanding our efforts within a range of AgTech verticals.
  • We know how important it is to take a holistic approach to plant propagation, cultivation, harvesting and processing. At AgriFORCE, we are committed to revolutionizing the value chain from seed to sale. Our goal is to decrease agriculture’s impact on the environment and to provide consumers with good tasting, nutritious and fresh vegetables, fruits and plant-based food products locally – on a global scale. 
  • Our comprehensive and proprietary system that is designed to address the challenges throughout the value chain is an industry disruptor. 
  • To make big, positive and lasting change in a global industry that is crucial to the world’s population, you need to think differently. You need to act differently. You need to be different. We are. And we’re proud of that.

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