Third Pillar: Fertigation and Nutrients

Last week, we spoke about automation and artificial intelligence as one of the four pillars of our intellectual property. Today, we’re going to focus on the third pillar – fertigation and nutrients.

If you want consistent quality fruits and vegetables (and we know that is exactly what consumers want these days), we are aware of what a challenge this is to do with just about every crop. At AgriFORCE, we know that you need (and we have) a perfectly controlled microenvironment and fertigation regiment with in-facility micropropagation and genetic cultivar consistency.

Biomimicry and the AgriFORCE full light spectrum cladding system creates a simulated outdoor environment while maintaining best-in-class plant management because cultivation happens indoors – indoor plant management with the benefits of almost the full light spectrum of the sun. That’s groundbreaking – and it’s our IP.

Our fertigation and nutrient strategy provides a best-in-class approach because we use white label and proprietary organic blends/products that are tailored for use and that are focused on improved yields and reduced impact cultivation.

What does that mean in the bigger picture? Locally grown produce that is consistent in every AgriFORCE facility – no matter where it is located. Think about that – locally grown produce that can be cultivated in the U.S. or Germany or Brazil. The AgriFORCE proprietary facility design and automated grow system can be located virtually anywhere – even in places with extreme climates – and it is scalable.

Last, but not least, our next Notes from the CEO will focus on micropropagation and genetics.

Ingo Mueller, CEO for AgriFORCE Growing Systems, is currently working from his home office in West Vancouver, British Columbia. He continues to connect with the AgriFORCE team, strategic partners and others around the world – whether that is in California, New York or several other states where AgriFORCE has business interests. He is also in constant contact with our partners in Europe, as we raise the flag there for AgriFORCE and the company’s unique (and proprietary) facility design and automated growing system.   

The Notes from the CEO happen when Ingo gets a bit of time to share his perspective on the world of AgTech, the AgriFORCE team, work/life balance and his vision for creating positive change in the world.