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Our unique approach focuses on four pillars that underpin the agricultural technology of the future.

Facility and Lighting Design

Our facilities are constructed to allow all of the benefits of natural sunlight, while maintaining a sealed, positive pressure environment to deliver adjusted optimal conditions to crops in terms of temperature, humidity, velocity, filtration and sanitation of airflow. Along with providing natural light for the plants, we designed what we believe is near ideal supplemental lighting technology to achieve unprecedented luminous efficacy, providing distribution of the full light spectrum for the best growth conditions.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Our systems utilize automated grow technology, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT). Our technology constantly improves and adjusts by using machine learning in order to achieve the highest possible crop yield, while concentrating on the lowest possible cost and a strategic use of resources.

Fertigation and Nutrients

AgriFORCE is focused on improved yields, lower costs and reduced environmental impact. We use highly concentrated feed applications in repetitive small amounts. This substantially reduces the overall water use compared to traditional outdoor farming.

Micropropagation and Genetics

AgriFORCE uses tissue culture and micropropagation to make sure that clean starter materials – free of pests and diseases – are available for daily planting. Using asexual multiplication ensures genetic stability, while tissue culture will safeguard plant vigor and health.

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