UN(THINK) Awakened Flour


Inspired by nature, our 100% natural process gently awakens the goodness in every grain, helping naturally deliver their nutritional best. We don’t “engineer” them or add anything in. No “Frankenfoods” here, no secrets. Purely natural, healthy foods that taste like happy!

UN(THINK) Awakened Flour is produced in the first phase of our patented process. The process allows for a precise way to gently sprout the grains and lightly germinate wheat by utilizing carefully monitored humidity and temperature to activate the product’s enzymes at the ideal time to maximize the nutritional elements of sprouted grains. Once milled, Awakened Grains are turned into Awakened Flour.

Scientific evidence shows that sprouted grains are more nutritious and easily digested than traditional grains, and we’ve had the opportunity to layer this with our proprietary process to create a gold standard for the sprouted grains market. UN(THINK)’s Awakened Flour delivers what a sprouted grain can and should provide to consumers, bakeries, and other food businesses. Our highly precise sprouting process increases the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals, allowing them to be absorbed by the body, while changing the total amount of fiber in whole grains, and helping to improve digestion and gut health. To learn more about the science behind it, click here.


Our production is currently based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. We chose this area as it is one of the world’s best and largest grain producing regions. We have secured strategic partnerships with local non-GMO suppliers and specialty milling partners who bring their expertise and care to products. This way we can also tell you where your flour is coming from and who worked on it.


We are working hard to make UN(THINK) products available soon! For updates, information and to be part of the UN(THINK) community:

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