Fourth Pillar: Micropropagation and Genetics

Last week, we spoke about fertigation and nutrients as one of the four pillars of our intellectual property. Today, we’re going to focus on the fourth pillar – micropropagation and genetics.

It seems fitting that my last post in this series is about the first steps in creating plants that are grown in a system created to help them thrive. The inspiration for all of the work that we do is to ensure that people around the world have access to delicious food that is nutritious, affordable and local, while lessening the impact on the environment and lowering operating costs so that farmers can make a living.

Our approach goes back to that best-in-class strategy, with an optimized cellular cloning and tissue culture process to ensure enhanced genetic outcomes. Micropropagation and genetics is an art and a science – and we have done a deep dive in this area, looking at what we can do to naturally support the plant to thrive.

We have done a great deal of work in developing our four pillars (facility and lighting design, automation and artificial intelligence, fertigation and nutrients, and micropropagation and genetics). We are in the process of building our first facility in Southern California – and we know, it’s our time to make things happen; to go out into the world and make the big change that we know we are capable of achieving.

If you are in the agtech industry and want to learn more, send me an e-mail at: Collaboration is the key to success when you are committed to making the world a better place and are set on improving the global food supply chain on a local level.

Ingo Mueller, CEO for AgriFORCE Growing Systems, is currently working from his home office in West Vancouver, British Columbia. He continues to connect with the AgriFORCE team, strategic partners and others around the world – whether that is in California, New York or several other states where AgriFORCE has business interests. He is also in constant contact with our partners in Europe, as we raise the flag there for AgriFORCE and the company’s unique (and proprietary) facility design and automated growing system.   

The Notes from the CEO happen when Ingo gets a bit of time to share his perspective on the world of AgTech, the AgriFORCE team, work/life balance and his vision for creating positive change in the world.