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PFEIFER Structures is an award-winning lightweight structures contractor specializing in the construction of custom tensile membrane structures, cable structures, retractable structures and facades.

PFEIFER Structures designs, engineers, fabricates and installs lightweight structures that range vastly in scope and service from massive stadiums and amphitheaters to building entryways and covered walkways. They develop unique structures utilizing an assortment of highly engineered materials, including ETFE film, PTFE and PVC membranes, precision welded carbon steel structures, specially designed cables, and fittings.

LA Rams Stadium
LA Rams Stadium

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First Circle Design Inc. is a full service, award-winning lighting design consultancy firm that specializes in the design of unique signature structures and environments – realized by the use of LED and energy efficient technologies.

Inspired by the first circle of light – the sun – First Circle Design’s innovative and premier lighting design team brings atmospheres to life through the visual magnificence of their designs.

First Circle Design believes that light helps us see beauty.
First Circle Design believes in honest expression and simplicity.
First Circle Design believes in sustainability and environmental responsibility.
First Circle Design believes that technology is a powerful tool, but only a tool, for aiding in the designer’s expression of a deeper, more artistic creation.

First Circle Design’s team believes they are helping to shape the most elemental part of our universe with the most advanced technology available with the aim to achieve an effect that should be as simple and as elegant and without artifice as possible.